Meeting Monkeys

Kodaikanal is a famous hill station in Tamilnadu. We spent the weekend there. It was a scenic spot, with lots and lots of friendly monkeys.  A few monkeys came close enough to check if I had snacks or fruits with me. This was one such curious monkey…




Mango feast

I captured this photo 3 months back, during summer in India. Summers are harvest time for mangos. While many people love ripe mangos, my favourite are unripe mangos with a sprinkling of dried chilly powder and salt. I love the way mangos are cut and sold by the street hawkers.




Hibiscus / Shoe flower

A red shoe flower plant in my front yard. It is filled with flowers round the year. Be it ample rains, or the dry summer, this plant always looks the same. Without doubt, it thrives in tropical climate.


Sun birds love this flower. They hover in mid air, sucking honey from the flowers.





Chilli pepper

A green chilli plant in the back yard had dried up during summer. Now, it has got a new lease of life after monsoon rains started. It is full of dark green leaves now, with small white flowers and small fat chili peppers.



Here are a few chillies. These are the shorter variety  grown in south India.