Mirror Reflection and Monkeys

We were passing by on the hair pin bends down the Western Ghat mountains in Anamalai Tiger Reserve, near Aliyar in Pollachi, when this beautiful sight welcomed us. Peeping around a corner of the road, was this serene sight. With not a single ripple to disturb the reflection, it was nature at her best!



A further way down, it was monkeys everywhere. It looked like monkeys had come down from the forest to spend a day sighting the tourists and their antics.  Monkeys were perched on the road side, gazing at crowds of tourists who stopped by.



South India had seen continuous rains and flooding this year. Yet another cyclone is raging already. The reservoir in Aliyar was full with water. It looked beautiful with new islands and streams gleaming in the sun light.


Nilgiri Tahr

After a long time, we went on drive up the hills of the western ghat  mountains. Anaimalai wildlife sanctuary, near Pollachi, is the part of western ghats closest to home.

To our surprise, we found many Nilgiri Tahr right on the curvy mountain roads. We have previously seen a couple of goats along the hair pin bends close to Akkamalai… but this was the first time we saw them in many groups.


A few years back, when we spotted a Tahr, it was very shy and stepped down a deep mountain slope as soon as it spotted us. But with the increasing number of tourists, it looks like these shy goats have become used to humans and their cameras.


This one did not mind us as we approached closer trying to zoom in on its famous curved horns. It was busy munching away at peace.




Overcast and sunny sky

It was an overcast evening with the sky set for a heavy rain. We were hearing loud roars of thunder.But in a short while, it became windy and the dark rain clouds broke up.The sky was a glorious mix of dark and bright clouds.

Cloudy sky

Cloudy sky







The fly

The new balsam plant (Impatiens Balsamina) has started flowering. It’s bright red flowers amidst green leaves look beautiful. Probably, this fly too could not resist the bright colours.. it came to visit and take a closer look.


Another little fellow was also visiting… he had landed straight into the flower and busy exploring it inside out.