Green joy

Imagine a long winding street, with shady trees on either side. Sound of chirping birds  welcome weary travellers to the tree’s shade. Bright coloured flowers and fruits are a balm to weary eyes. A vendor selling tender coconuts under the shades tempts you after a day of shopping… Sounds like a relaxing day out? Thank the trees for this.

More lovely trees… from photographs I have taken over last 2 years.

Grandfather of trees 🙂 Must be atleast a hundred years old… holding the soil together, making it fertile.  I spotted this one in a forest reserve area on the Indian Western ghats.

Guess whose leaves have anti-septic properties, fruits help digestion, flowers used in cooking delicious dishes… ofcourse, the neem tree. 

A shady green cover…  Spread out all ready to compete with the best Air coolers 🙂


Proudly displaying its rainbow colours… while busy sending vapours to clouds causing rains.   


Rows of trees, removing bad air and giving out pure air. Rows of woody trunks, one of which might become a lovely wooden table or door decades later.


Dry leaves, about to fall and wither away. They do not go waste. They merge with the soil, nurturing it and making it fertile. They are also wonderful venues for picnics and outdoor fun.


My friends and I grew up climbing trees… to eat juicy guava fruits, learning how to fall down safely, many swings we made using climbers and creepers  sprawling over these trees, counting butterflies…. These trees were our best playmates  🙂


Buildings without a single blade of grass, streets without trees for the sake of electric poles and wide roads… This is how they look!

Image courtesy – The Hindu – BusinessLine

Is it not scary to walk down a road like this? Let this not happen!

Let not the simple joys of life be lost on the future generations… Live and let plants live.



24 thoughts on “Green joy

  1. This is a wonderful tribute to trees and forests. We need to be much more conscious of their importance and beauty. Of the necessity of protecting them. I love your images and descriptions. Those great witnesses of time are precious.

  2. @Kcalpesh… Very true.

    @Isa… Thank you. Yes, more awareness is needed on protecting trees. But gournd reality is far from that…about 500 trees on the roadsides are gonna be cut down in my hometown, for the sake of expanding roads.

  3. Yes 🙂 it would definitely be more joyful to walk down a dense forest, than to walk down a crowded street in Mumbai or Chennai.

  4. I feel really bad for children who have missed out on all this fun. I recently took pictures of trees and of children playing under trees. I have read many books sitting on a Mulberry tree 🙂

    A single tree is home to a large number of birds, mongoose, squirrels and insects also. We really need to respect nature and trees.

    Lovely photos!

  5. Thank you… Yes, it is amazing to see how one single tree can be so much beneficial to many living beings. I remember my primary school lesson on sharing which was modelled around a tree 🙂
    Btw, those pics in your blog of children playing under a tree are soothing. Good to see kids playing with a creative spirit instead of staying at home glued to video games and tv channels.

  6. lovely images, reminds me of my childhood days..and like someone mentioned, it is sad that we have to take kids to a botanical garden to get them acquainted with trees.

  7. lovely images, reminds me of my childhood days..and like someone mentioned, it is sad that we have to take kids to a botanical garden to get them acquainted with trees!

  8. Beautiful post! And there is no better road than a tree lined one! I’ve enjoyed trees big time…, climbing them too, collecting fruit and wall nuts that have fallen down…, walks in forests, and there’s a gorgeous majestic tree next to my home too.

  9. True.. And the more we distance kids from nature, the less kids know about co-existence and protecting it.

  10. I had the same expression when I first saw it. Bringing the whole tree in to one image was the difficult part 🙂

  11. @Gitanjali
    This is not the Kannimara teak..It is in Parambikulam reserve area.
    This tress is in the Kovai Courtallam reserve area… I have not seen the Kannimari teak, but after looking at this one, I can well imagine how massive the largest Kannimari teak can be

    Thank you 🙂

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