Nature’s Abstract Art

We humans have started exploring Abstract art only in recent modern days. Nature is way ahead of us. A recent trip to Kerala was an eye opener… The wild and untamed beauty of trees and forests have many delicate and bold works of art. A few photos of their beauty:

A curtain of roots hanging from above… The day they touch earth, behold the creation of a new life.



Twisting and turning, fusing and merging… inseparable they are… as they unite to create yet another tree.


 Massive barks of older trees are amazing… They are nature made sculptures…


 The first time I saw the tree above, it made me think of two loving souls in embrace. Every time I see this tree, it shows me something different. Passion, anger, animals, … so on goes my interpretation of this modern art.

He relaxes below the maze of trees, oblivious to the amazing work of art behind him.

Opposite to the banyan trees, is a magnificient peepul tree. Its slender leaves dance to the tunes of breezy winds. Illayaraja’s thiruvasagam plays in my mind, as I watch pretty leaves doing a ballet dance 🙂


My mind goes back a few years ago… to the windy hills of California. Grassy hills lined with oaks, maples and eucalyptus. Those windy afternoons inspired me to write a poem – Dance of the wind. Photographs rarely do justice to the beauty of winds. Please check this poem, for it fills the void that my photos create.

A trip to Kerala is  incomplete without photos of beautiful landscapes. So, here is the closing shot 🙂




14 thoughts on “Nature’s Abstract Art

  1. @ Tammy – True, in nature there is always art. Funny, I did not realise it till I saw this tree.

    @ rav – Mowgli 🙂 Yeah, Mowgli is more or less synonymous with banyan trees.

    @ Maya – Wonders of creation never cease to surprise us.

    @ Roopam – True.. Welcome 🙂 Hope you enjoy my blog.

    @ Joshi – That tree is near Kodungallur Bhagawathi temple… It is sooo interesting to interpret it.

  2. Oh! I can never have them enough. Trees Trees Trees Trees… just keep us going. Bring those photos on Iniyaal. Keep going. They are great.

  3. The collection of bridges on your Sunday Bridges series is beautiful. I will add the last photo in my post to it.

  4. Thank you… They are so very beautiful, that I cant help myself but keep doing pos after post about trees 🙂

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