Bamboo wiring solutions

I love bamboo home accessories. There are so many options available like trays, placemats, room dividers, closets, planters, chairs, tables, etc… But how about switch panels and wire panels in bamboo?

A tender bamboo variety available locally can be used as panels for wires… Is it not a cool way to avoid pvc plastic panels that have become the default option for wires (be it concealed wiring or exposed wiring).

Here is the picture of  a ceiling lamp with bamboo cased wiring…

Bamboo wire casing

Bamboo wiring panels…

Bamboo wiring

And this is a simple switch panel made of bamboo….

Bamboo switch panels

I love this simple and eco-friendly solution for wire accessories. All that is needed is creativity to turn simple natural materials in to aesthetic eco-friendly solutions. For details about the wiring solutions in the above pictures, please contact +91 9003013231.


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