Arts of Tamil Nadu – Antique wooden doors

Sculptures in South India are always synonymous with Rocks and stones. Bronze sculptures are unique and native to the ancient Tamil kingdoms. They are well known and can be found in museums and private collections the world over. The lesser known wooden sculptures are mostly confined to temple and doors.

Ancient wooden sculptures are mostly seen on temple cars (ratham or ther). Temple cars in India are huge wooden platforms fitted with mammoth wooden wheels. Idols of gods are mounted on these wooden platforms, decorated and covered. Using ropes, hundreds of devotees together pull the temple car. The wooden platform is adorned with wooden carvings and detailed artwork.


temple car wooden carvings

Source: Flickr – Anandamoy chatterji

The symmetry and details on wooden temple doors are a visual treat.

Temple door tamil nadu

Source:  Indian journeys

It is not only temples that can boast of artistically carved doors… Chettinad mansions have beautiful teak wood doors.

Chettinad door

Source: Chennai First

The Dakshinachitra in Chennai exhibits a beautiful masterpiece door at the Chettinad house in it’s premises.

Dakshinachitra chettinad

source: redscarab

The mantelpiece on top of this door is exquisite and matchless


source: Reflections of an art-o-holic

Typical wooden doors in the old houses of South India also have heavy wooden doors, though not as exquisite as the above door.

plain door

 source: Flickr – Suchitra

Yet another, with a beautiful mantelpiece

artful wooden

Source: Flickr – Printz4u

Bamboo wiring solutions

I love bamboo home accessories. There are so many options available like trays, placemats, room dividers, closets, planters, chairs, tables, etc… But how about switch panels and wire panels in bamboo?

A tender bamboo variety available locally can be used as panels for wires… Is it not a cool way to avoid pvc plastic panels that have become the default option for wires (be it concealed wiring or exposed wiring).

Here is the picture of  a ceiling lamp with bamboo cased wiring…

Bamboo wire casing

Bamboo wiring panels…

Bamboo wiring

And this is a simple switch panel made of bamboo….

Bamboo switch panels

I love this simple and eco-friendly solution for wire accessories. All that is needed is creativity to turn simple natural materials in to aesthetic eco-friendly solutions. For details about the wiring solutions in the above pictures, please contact +91 9003013231.

Creative hamper

There are days when everything looks fresh and inspires the start of many new ideas. When the mind is relaxed, these new ideas lead to creative projects, like…

A cushion cover that I stitched from white mull fabric. Then, painted a picture of wet leaves and a fallen nerium flower.

A bunch of pretty and cheerful nylon flowers (stocking flowers), and a perfume bottle recycled into a vase.

A cup for holding my chillies 🙂 I dried, cleaned and painted over a broken coconut for this. Seems to be a better option than the fancy plastic bowls.

Cyclones, rains and a relaxed mind… and these projects. This has been a creative and fulfilling month. Waiting for the next string of ideas 🙂

Camera pouch

After a long time, here is a DIY craft post… a small bag for the camera. The idea of an eco-friendly fabric bag with a protective inner layer was more appealing than the usual grey synthetic camera pouches.

A handle at the back for making it handy to carry along.

I used handloom fabric for this, along with jute lining, and a pretty button. Then painted a creeper with leaves using acrylic paints.


I am linking this post to “The Weekly Story” series at Patricia’s “Colours Dekor” Blog. It has a wide collection of Craft DIY, Decor ideas and stories linked in by many bloggers from all over blog land.


Hanging signs

I have been trying out doing signs… signs that can be hung from doors, wall hanging signs, table decor signs etc. The first one in this series is this Open / Closed shop sign.

Since this was intended for my shop, I made it from durable paper board. Made the corners smooth by pasting strips cut from old magazines. Cut out a hole in the middle – the door knob goes into this hole.

Then I painted one side in cheerful bright yellow / sky blue colours with “OPEN” sign. Below the lettering is a painted open flower in full bloom with a butterfly fluttering about.

The other side I painted it in pale green, muddy brown and dark blue colours with “CLOSED” sign. Beneath the lettering is a closed flower bud and drooping leaves.

This product is now available for sale at my Online shop. Click here to see more details. 

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