The Cat

We have pet cat called stripey. My little daughter spends most of her time playing with him.She took this photograph today.




Schooling… Or Learning… Or Living ?

The past nine months, ever since I returned home from hospital with my new born daugher, I have been learning so many precious lessons on life. It is amazing to see how every baby is born with the basic survival instinct. She knows what she wants right from day one. When she was around three months old, our native breed dog gave birth to beautiful pups, but tragically died a month later. Watching over the two pups grow up without their mother taught me even more precious lessons on what life and survival are all about. Three months later, we bought home five newly hatched chickens. Watching them grow up is sooo much revealing.


Now that there are so many new borns around me, it has set me thinking on what education is. There is this strong voice booming in my head that says a rigid curriculum or fixed hours or examination and grading patterns are totally unsuited for a child. Will it actually help a child or would it just kill the inborn learning instinct in every new life?

The very thought that learning stops with high school or university is baseless. Learning continues throughout life till the very last breath. So Education is not about stuffing facts or knowledge.. it is more about kindling the passion to learn life long. It is more about helping her understand what she wants and making her sulf sufficient to learn what she wants life long.

Peacock bookmark

Do any conventional or alternate school help with this… Or will practical life be the best environment for equipping her with these skills? Home schooling, and in specific unschooling and seem to make more sense now…!