About Me

I had spent many long years working full time as a Business Intelligence consultant. My job took me on travels around the world. I lived the typical IT corporate life filled with long working hours, projects, client visits, team meetings, late night teleconferences and what not. But there was always an yearning for peace.

Home in the wilderness

Now, I live with my husband and daughter in the midst of coconut grooves and farmlands. Mother Nature’s abundance has made my life so much more beautiful. Hoping to capture the same through pictures and share them through this blog.

Flip through the pages… Read and Enjoy… Please share your comments as you explore this blog.


16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Iniyaal!

    came across your blog in indiblogger; since my membership is pending review, I am not able to comment there. But your blog is a brilliant testimony to the talented artist in you! Especially the country side series, takes me back to childhood days of simple beauty and joy! and its obvious how much you enjoy art in its many forms.

    Wish you all the success and hope this blog continues to showcase it!

  2. Hi iniyaal,

    I am from a village called Kappalangarai,15 kms from Pollachi town, working as a software guy in Copy Paste Society.

    Your blogs helped me to remember a lot about my childhood days spent at villages around Pollachi. I loved your way of writing and the quality of content.

    Thanks. i will visit your site often for more blog entries..

  3. Hi ,

    We are organizing a Blogger Contest for which we would like to invite you to participate.

    Please share your email address and we would be happy to send you a invite.

  4. Just discovered you! You capture the very essence of where you call home. A visual treat, informative and lovely to read. Blessings from England

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