Bamboo wiring solutions

I love bamboo home accessories. There are so many options available like trays, placemats, room dividers, closets, planters, chairs, tables, etc… But how about switch panels and wire panels in bamboo?

A tender bamboo variety available locally can be used as panels for wires… Is it not a cool way to avoid pvc plastic panels that have become the default option for wires (be it concealed wiring or exposed wiring).

Here is the picture of  a ceiling lamp with bamboo cased wiring…

Bamboo wire casing

Bamboo wiring panels…

Bamboo wiring

And this is a simple switch panel made of bamboo….

Bamboo switch panels

I love this simple and eco-friendly solution for wire accessories. All that is needed is creativity to turn simple natural materials in to aesthetic eco-friendly solutions. For details about the wiring solutions in the above pictures, please contact +91 9003013231.


Indya Kaleidoscope

The toughest time of the year is during my sister’s birthday. Scouting around for a gift that she would like is easier saud than done. This year, I came across a Facebook post about Indya Kaleidoscope’s store at the Durga pooja celebrations in Bangalore. I decided to drop in, more out of curiosity to see how their products look like in real.

It was a small pretty store filled with interesting handcrafted goodies. Every product had a twist to its design, making it interesting and appealing in simplicity.  No wonder that it made my gift scouting easier! These are the products I bought, and how pretty they look at home:

Cotton clutch – professional looking, ethnic and pretty. They also have beautiful silk clutches. Due to my aversion to silk, I went in for the cotton ones.

Lantern diya – working miniature version of the antique oil lamps… it works perfect with oil and a cotton wick. Amazing to see how a miniature design of the rural antique oil lamp has been revamped into a classic beauty.

Idly ganesha – small, cute…  They also have a wide range of Bonda ganeshas, Balaji ganesha etc.

My sister was very happy with the clutch. Said she had long been searching for one that looked ethnic, yet professional till she got my gift. My mom has already hinted that she would love one of the lanterns for her birthday… so much for surprise gifts 🙂

More of their products that are in my Favourites list:

Buddha – a small, exquisitely carved Buddha. This was available at the fair, and was one of the most serene buddhas I have come across.

Tea light stand – An adaptation of the chai holder as a candle stand.

The Indya Kaleidoscope website has become one of my favourite haunts now. If you are interested in products that are posted here, but are not yet available at the online store, please email to

*** This post is written purely out of my own interest. No part of this blog is ever used for paid advertising or for receiving any monetary benefits.