Diwali Greetings

Diwali greetings.

Diwali in the place I reside is more about crackers and sweets than about diyas. We celebrate “Karthiga Deepam” about a month after Diwali. Karthiga Deepam is the festival of lights when all houses are decked with clay diyas and colourful rangolis.

I am no big fan of crackers… so here is my lone shot of Diwali celebrations 🙂

Diwali weekend happened to be time for Birthday celebrations at home. For this diwali, we tried making all celebrations eco-friendly. Gifts were wrapped in colorful newpapers and magazine pages… Plastic balloons and party decor replaced with flowers and candles… Candy wrappers and coke made way for home made sweets and dry fruits.

A picture of the recyled gift wraps and flowers



Man Vilakku (Baked Clay Diyas) – II

The five corner diyas add a more festive look when decorated. Though the round diyas are the traditional preferred ones, five corner diyas have their own unique beauty.

5 corner diya

5 corner diya

Bright colours, glass stones, beads and ceramic decorations,… any kind of decoration suits these diyas.

These diyas can hold five cotton wicks. They need more oil, but give more brightness. This is one such diya my sister and I decorated. We buy plain clay diyas from local potters and decorate them using various mediums like threads, beads, glasses, paints and glitter.

Lighted beauty

Lighted beauty

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These diyas are available for sale as set of four diyas. They can be bought at:


Happy Diwali!