Camera pouch

After a long time, here is a DIY craft post… a small bag for the camera. The idea of an eco-friendly fabric bag with a protective inner layer was more appealing than the usual grey synthetic camera pouches.

A handle at the back for making it handy to carry along.

I used handloom fabric for this, along with jute lining, and a pretty button. Then painted a creeper with leaves using acrylic paints.


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Hanging signs

I have been trying out doing signs… signs that can be hung from doors, wall hanging signs, table decor signs etc. The first one in this series is this Open / Closed shop sign.

Since this was intended for my shop, I made it from durable paper board. Made the corners smooth by pasting strips cut from old magazines. Cut out a hole in the middle – the door knob goes into this hole.

Then I painted one side in cheerful bright yellow / sky blue colours with “OPEN” sign. Below the lettering is a painted open flower in full bloom with a butterfly fluttering about.

The other side I painted it in pale green, muddy brown and dark blue colours with “CLOSED” sign. Beneath the lettering is a closed flower bud and drooping leaves.

This product is now available for sale at my Online shop. Click here to see more details. 

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Weekend trial with boxes

I love boxes! It is amazing to see the variety of trinket boxes and jewel boxes available now. One that I really cherish is a marble trinket box  with an elephant on top I use for my ear-rings. My mom used to stack away felt covered watch cases to store trinkets. I used to sneak up to her locker when I was a kid to peep into those boxes every now and then.

It was with this love for boxes that made try creating one of my own. I had a big piece of thick paper board, glue, paints and brushes to start with. A trip to the local crafts supplies store, and I found a beautiful red colored hand-made paper with silver strands on it. This was all the inspiration I needed to start doing my own box.

The thick paper board I used was durable and very strong. But this made it impossible to fold sides together. Well, after a small struggle, I found a way to glue the sides together without folding or bending the paper board. After lots of pasting, painting and cutting, here is the finished box.

The top handle is made of ceramic clay and painted with acrylic paint. I painted a peacock silhouette on the top cover.

Alternating sides have peacock feather painted on them. Other two sides have a simple design of  leaves.

I have not yet decided what I will use the box for! But it already occupies a prime place in my bedroom. With this beginning, more of my boxes will be coming soon, so much better than this one.

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Li’l Garden

Pretty flowers in orange and red. Leaves and creepers in green and yellow. Mud as soft as snow, carpeted with wilted leaves. Pretty little mushrooms all over the place, fresh after the rains. If they have no place in your tiny yard, fear not. Here is a handy little garden to sit cosy in your apartment, reminding you of nature, its bounty and its beauty.

This is made of m-seal and ceramic clay. m-seal is first kneaded to make a dough. Shape it into leaves, flowers, stems etc. After drying, they are painted. The base is a used CD, painted in hues of brown, green and yellow. All the little m-seal flowers, leaves etc are stuck on to this painted CD. Finally, a coat of varnish is applied over it, to keep away dirt and to give it a glossy finish.

It is a good way to re-use CDs. I am not sure if m-seal / ceramic clay are harmful to mother earth. Kindly share with me if you know about it.

DIY with fabrics

Shopping for accessories is an interesting way to spend time. Hopping from shop to shop, searching for the pattern, colour, fabric you have in mind… But it is still true that it sometimes takes a long time to find the right product. 

It seems to be easier to rely on my own hands and restless mind to create what I like. Once I find a fabric to my liking, it is interesting to transform it to the accessory I have in mind. In addition, DIY fabric projects also have the advantage of recycling used fabrics. 

Here are a few of my craft experiments… 

This is a simple one… A cell phone pouch made from the pallu portion of a recycled cotton saree, with a flap for closing the pouch 🙂  


 During my granny’s childhood days, ladies used pouches instead of handbags. Drawing inspiration from days of yore, I made this pouch as a gift for my aunt. It is made from silk, with cotton lining inside. Pattern on it is applique work using cotton fabric. Instead of buttons / zipper, I did a traditional string choker for closing and opening the pouch.   


  It is easy to use pouches. They can accomodate anything from currency, cosmetics and even a camera. Of late I have realized that pouches are environment friendly, can be made from recycled fabrics and washable too. Do try them once 🙂

 Light curtain for a narrow window. I made this  one from my dupatta and painted it in bright colours with flower patterns.  


Handloom dresses are comfortable in warm weather and are made by local craftsmen, but are mostly plain with no designs on them. This is one such handloom dress. Since the original dress was too plain, I printed leaf patterns on it… done by engraved the leaf pattern on a potato and printing using fabric paints. 

leaf print

It is joyful to play around with a bunch of fabrics, threads, needles and paints. Whether the result resembles what I plan or not, it is thoroughly satisfying to enjoy using something I create by myself 🙂