Crumbling blues

A demolished house… with bright blue walls. Roof tiles were no where to be seen, along with the doors and windows. Bright colours disguise the age of this house.


Yet one more structure brought down, making way for a shiny multi storey concrete house. Old making way for the new.

The slow moving world

A recent trip took me to Sakthi mutram, a small place near Kumbakonam. We continued on to Thirunallar in Karaikal. It was a different world – peaceful and beautiful. Here is a glimpse into a slow moving and peaceful society:

An evening stroll along the street, greeting neighbours and stopping for a leaisurely chat. This is the local means of collecting news and free distribution of advice. If you are a good cook, share your new tryout dish with your neighbours, yet another excuse for a chat.

The older generation do not feel left out from the active social networking. What if they cannot walk around much… All that it needs is to sit on a “thinnai” and watch out for those who pass by. Everyone normally stops by to chat with this granny and ask about her well-being. A wait by the thinnai brings all the local community news right to her doorstop.

Stopping by the street to ask about mutual givings, latest happenings and family events…

All houses on a street make one big family with mutual sharing of fun, grief and happiness. 

My guess is that concept of “Relaxation” was born after discovery of “Hurry”. The world in which there is no hurry needs no specific relaxation. Life and relaxation are synonymous here… Unheard of are  diseases and side effects of hurry and stress. All my busy friends out there, lets celebrate a slow moving lifestyle by taking time to enjoy and cherish every minute.

Today is the first day of tamil new year and also the tamil harvest festival, Pongal. Wish everyone a happy pongal and a happy new year.