Creative hamper

There are days when everything looks fresh and inspires the start of many new ideas. When the mind is relaxed, these new ideas lead to creative projects, like…

A cushion cover that I stitched from white mull fabric. Then, painted a picture of wet leaves and a fallen nerium flower.

A bunch of pretty and cheerful nylon flowers (stocking flowers), and a perfume bottle recycled into a vase.

A cup for holding my chillies 🙂 I dried, cleaned and painted over a broken coconut for this. Seems to be a better option than the fancy plastic bowls.

Cyclones, rains and a relaxed mind… and these projects. This has been a creative and fulfilling month. Waiting for the next string of ideas 🙂


Seashell Canvas

Seashells are one of nature’s most fascinating creations. Their colours, sizes, shapes and textures are so perfect that every shell is a piece of art, exquisitely perfect in all details.

The simple fact that these beauties were created by marine invertebrates is another proof of the artistic power nature has bestowed on every creature.

I am finding out new ways to appreciate sea shells… Some time before I chanced upon a painting done on seashell. This inspired me… and here is my attempt at the same.

I painted on the seashell, created a ceramic ‘sea’ base and mounted the shell on it.

A sea shell painting featured in Completely Coastal inspired me to do this painting. It featured a Quahog shell with a coastal sketch and nautical quote.

Completely Coastal is a blog dedicated to sea-side living. It has so many beautiful craft and art works based on sea and coastal living. Thank you Completely Coastal for the inspiring DIY posts 🙂

p.s… This post is featured at Complately Coastal. I am very happy as this is the first time my blog is featured. Please click here to view it.