Forest cover

Tall beautiful pine trees at the pine forest in Kodaikanal (Tamil nadu, India).  It is refreshing to take a walk through this forest, as monkeys chatter from the tree branches and cold mist floats by.


Bark of these trees is unique. It feels hard and rugged from the outside, but the inside is smooth and coloured in orange – red hues.


It is a good spot to stop by while visiting kodaikonal.

KRS – Brindavan Gardens

Mysore is famous for palaces, south India’s largest zoo and Chamundeswari hill. My little one did not show much interest in these places when we visited Mysore in the past.  So, this time we headed to Krishna Raja Sagara reservoir and Brindavan gardens.

Brindavan Gardens is crowded almost every day. We have already been there in the past, and have never found ourselves alone there. It is a sprawling garden, and houses a small aquarium, huge water fountains, a lake with boating facility, small playing space with swings and slides, and the famous dancing fountains.




The aquarium was small and its maintenance is not worthy to mention here. But it has small turtles and a couple of colorful fishes that attract small kids. The water fountains are well kept with sprawling lawns on the sides. This area is the most crowded with family and kids everywhere. To the left side of the water fountains is a small play area for children.


Dancing water fountains start around 6.30 PM, though the area gets filled by 5.30 PM. It is a open area with cement benches. In the center is a big water fountain with color lights. At 6.30 PM, well known songs in South Indian languages and Hindi are played. The water fountains jump and drop in sync with the music. Color lights add additional entertainment. The show lasts around 45 minutes.

To reach the dancing fountains, there is a long rope bridge and boats plying back and forth. You can opt to walk over the bridge (but it is very crowded), or take the boat ride.

We spent around 3 hours at the gardens, and my daughter enjoyed thoroughly. KRS and Brindavan Gardens are a good place to visit with children around.

Aliyar dam

Aliyar reservoir is located 20 km from pollachi. It is nestled at the foothills of the western ghat mountains. Driving past spot at leads straight to the entrance of the Annamalai tiger reserve.

Aliyar dam has a sprawling garden with a children’s park. Towards the end of the park, winding steps lead the way up to the reservoir. There are boats operating on the reservoir on select days.

Canals go sit zag around the garden. The garden is old, statues are faded and do not interest today’s youngsters. But it is still a sprawling place for family picnics and children’s play activities.