Creative hamper

There are days when everything looks fresh and inspires the start of many new ideas. When the mind is relaxed, these new ideas lead to creative projects, like…

A cushion cover that I stitched from white mull fabric. Then, painted a picture of wet leaves and a fallen nerium flower.

A bunch of pretty and cheerful nylon flowers (stocking flowers), and a perfume bottle recycled into a vase.

A cup for holding my chillies 🙂 I dried, cleaned and painted over a broken coconut for this. Seems to be a better option than the fancy plastic bowls.

Cyclones, rains and a relaxed mind… and these projects. This has been a creative and fulfilling month. Waiting for the next string of ideas 🙂

Waste recycling – The natural way

Village life / country life is serene, peaceful and healthy. But apart from this villages have been recycling from long past. Here comes the story about it:

Houses are mostly built in the midst of farmlands / tree grooves. This is a view of my in-laws house, in the middle of coconut grooves.

The outer patio is completely made of natual materials. The entrance arch is made from banana tree stalks.When this arch starts ddrying, the unripe banana fruits and banana stalks are cleaned and used as vegetables for cooking.

Walls of the green Outer Patio are made using bamboo poles and dry coconut leaves. Dry leaves falling from coconut trees are collected and woven in to long mats. These are tied to bamboo poles to form walls.

This is a bunch of fallen leaves waiting to be woven into mats.

Most of these dry leaves and stalks are used to heat water. This is a view of the water heating area..

This is a small furnace for heating water. The other side of this wall has insulated copper pot. All paper wastes, leaves, coconut husks, dried coconut leaves are cut and fed as fuel to this furnace.

Vegetable wastes and food leftovers are composted with hay and cow-dung. Earthworms further break down the waste into manure. After a few months, this bunch of composted leftowvers makes good organic manure for the farm.

While all degradable garbage goes into the waste compost pile, rest form the fuel for water heating. So there is no waste going out of the house or the coconut groove. Everything is recycled or burnt up right here.