The Curious Snail

After a week of thunderstorms, the last two days have been sunny and bright. Many reptile neighbours have started dropping by for visits. There was a snake in the backyard 2 days back, followed by nightly rush of flying drywoodtermites, and a variety of snails.

We saw this big snail today. It was slowly making his way towards the front yard steps, while I focussed the camera.



It changed direction and started moving towards me. It came close, waving it’s feelers. It inched close to the camera, almost touching the lens.



I stood still, afraid that I would make the snail withdraw into it’s shell. It  waited for sometime, turning and waving it’s feelers around.  By then, I had stepped back… sensing nothing around, it turned back and continued it’s walk.



Snail Trail

It was a sunny morning. My little daughter was trying her hand at sweeping. She is interested in pushing dry leaves with the broom and watching them fall down the patio edge. She called out,” Can I touch this thing?”

Her next question was, “When will it go back inside?”. I bent down to see what it was…

I saw this little fellow, moving slowly, inch by inch. There was a trail of slime left behind.


After watching him for ten minutes, she let him continue his journey and went back to the dry leaves.