Mirror Reflection and Monkeys

We were passing by on the hair pin bends down the Western Ghat mountains in Anamalai Tiger Reserve, near Aliyar in Pollachi, when this beautiful sight welcomed us. Peeping around a corner of the road, was this serene sight. With not a single ripple to disturb the reflection, it was nature at her best!



A further way down, it was monkeys everywhere. It looked like monkeys had come down from the forest to spend a day sighting the tourists and their antics.  Monkeys were perched on the road side, gazing at crowds of tourists who stopped by.



South India had seen continuous rains and flooding this year. Yet another cyclone is raging already. The reservoir in Aliyar was full with water. It looked beautiful with new islands and streams gleaming in the sun light.


Forest cover

Tall beautiful pine trees at the pine forest in Kodaikanal (Tamil nadu, India).  It is refreshing to take a walk through this forest, as monkeys chatter from the tree branches and cold mist floats by.


Bark of these trees is unique. It feels hard and rugged from the outside, but the inside is smooth and coloured in orange – red hues.


It is a good spot to stop by while visiting kodaikonal.

Nature’s Abstract Art

We humans have started exploring Abstract art only in recent modern days. Nature is way ahead of us. A recent trip to Kerala was an eye opener… The wild and untamed beauty of trees and forests have many delicate and bold works of art. A few photos of their beauty:

A curtain of roots hanging from above… The day they touch earth, behold the creation of a new life.



Twisting and turning, fusing and merging… inseparable they are… as they unite to create yet another tree.


 Massive barks of older trees are amazing… They are nature made sculptures…


 The first time I saw the tree above, it made me think of two loving souls in embrace. Every time I see this tree, it shows me something different. Passion, anger, animals, … so on goes my interpretation of this modern art.

He relaxes below the maze of trees, oblivious to the amazing work of art behind him.

Opposite to the banyan trees, is a magnificient peepul tree. Its slender leaves dance to the tunes of breezy winds. Illayaraja’s thiruvasagam plays in my mind, as I watch pretty leaves doing a ballet dance 🙂


My mind goes back a few years ago… to the windy hills of California. Grassy hills lined with oaks, maples and eucalyptus. Those windy afternoons inspired me to write a poem – Dance of the wind. Photographs rarely do justice to the beauty of winds. Please check this poem, for it fills the void that my photos create.

A trip to Kerala is  incomplete without photos of beautiful landscapes. So, here is the closing shot 🙂



Green joy

Imagine a long winding street, with shady trees on either side. Sound of chirping birds  welcome weary travellers to the tree’s shade. Bright coloured flowers and fruits are a balm to weary eyes. A vendor selling tender coconuts under the shades tempts you after a day of shopping… Sounds like a relaxing day out? Thank the trees for this.

More lovely trees… from photographs I have taken over last 2 years.

Grandfather of trees 🙂 Must be atleast a hundred years old… holding the soil together, making it fertile.  I spotted this one in a forest reserve area on the Indian Western ghats.

Guess whose leaves have anti-septic properties, fruits help digestion, flowers used in cooking delicious dishes… ofcourse, the neem tree. 

A shady green cover…  Spread out all ready to compete with the best Air coolers 🙂


Proudly displaying its rainbow colours… while busy sending vapours to clouds causing rains.   


Rows of trees, removing bad air and giving out pure air. Rows of woody trunks, one of which might become a lovely wooden table or door decades later.


Dry leaves, about to fall and wither away. They do not go waste. They merge with the soil, nurturing it and making it fertile. They are also wonderful venues for picnics and outdoor fun.


My friends and I grew up climbing trees… to eat juicy guava fruits, learning how to fall down safely, many swings we made using climbers and creepers  sprawling over these trees, counting butterflies…. These trees were our best playmates  🙂


Buildings without a single blade of grass, streets without trees for the sake of electric poles and wide roads… This is how they look!

Image courtesy – The Hindu – BusinessLine

Is it not scary to walk down a road like this? Let this not happen!

Let not the simple joys of life be lost on the future generations… Live and let plants live.