Sprouting beans

Black eyed beans are a regular part of my kitchen. I use them to make curry and dal. A few weeks back, there were small bugs in the beans container. There were so many bugs that I had to throw away the beans. I bought a new pack and forgot all about the wasted ones.

We had heavy rains last week. Now there are patches of saplings in the backyard.  They are the same wasted beans… Sprouting new shoots.


Here they are… small leaves peeping out of the beans. Nothing goes waste here.

My world

Every day dawns beautifully, the rising sun and morning sky posing a magnificent picture. Morning sky is never the same.. every single cloud and color unique.

Nothing is identical in nature. Every stone and grass differ from the rest. Beautiful is our world, and equally beautiful is everything in it. It appears to anyone who choose to see the beauty and thrive in it.

Cottage door

Life in the middle of no where

My life in wide open spaces for I live neither in a farm land nor in a village

Open farms


Pristine, fresh and green surroundings throughout


Green lands


With only wind mills to give us company



And, our two native breeds dogs

Native India breed

Native Indian Pariah dog


Every new day starts bright and cheerful

Open door


So much of life and energy brimming around


It is here that I have started to learn, accept and live !

Fresh from the farm

It has been a passive period for me away from my blogs… Twists and turns in my personal life seldom let me take a break and refresh this blog. Hope things will soon come back to normal 🙂 For now, I am back with a fresh set of photos straight from the farm.

The goose berry tree was in full bloom. I could not resist taking a photo of the plump fresh berries.

Marigold flowers had also flowered… Bees and butterflies were all over the place, hovering for a  taste of the delicious nectar.

As usual, the coconut trees were heavily laden with delicious tender coconuts…

A colony of ants had made their home under the guava tree. With food in plenty around, the ants were busy collecting and storing their finds.

Nearby, a fresh sprout of corn. Corn is sown between the coconut trees. It is mostly used as fodder for the cows, making the farm less dependent on packed cow food. Growing another crop in a coconut grove (or any other grove) is commonly known as ‘oodu payir’ or inter-cropping.

And there she is…, a lovely cow. She suspiciously watches me as I roam around the farm with a camera in hand.

Here is a real treat… fresh roasted peanuts by setting alight a heap of dried coconut leaves. They taste real yummy.

Hope you enjoyed the photos… Hoping I come back soon with a fresh set of posts 🙂